The Muzart Method

Tina is the proud founder of Muzart and has a background in Music, Television, Brand Development and Program Planning as well a passion for the arts as far as she can remember.  She founded Muzart in 2000 while pregnant with her daughter, Savannah Rose. Thousands of hours of research and 17 years later our Muzart Methods are very well recognized and still going strong.  Muzart has enhanced creativity and culture in our community and the surrounding areas for years and continues to do so with our one of a kind classes, programs and events.   Our classes are created and trademarked with our special methods of teaching and can only be found at Muzart.  

Our teachers are skilled in their craft and trained in house to offer their talents with our style of teaching.

That is why teacher trainings are important to us so you leave having a good experience every time.    

We look forward to seeing you at the studio and creating Muzart Memories with you.    

"Muzart's mission has been and always will be to support families, educate, create and feel great through the arts!"                                                       

​                                                                                      - Tina Buccellato   
​                                                                                         Founder/
Creative Director

Muzart of Hollywood

Downtown Hollywood

1955 Harrison Street, Unit 101

Hollywood, FL  33020

Bianca has always loved business ventures and is passionate for people, kids and the arts. Bianca holds a degree in Psychology with a specialization in child psychology and has had extensive experience in Human Resources and Management.

A proud mom of two young kids Noah and Sienna, Bianca became involved with Muzart when Noah started the Budding Artists Program for babies and toddlers at age 2.  Since then they have built great friendships and never left the Muzart community.  

"Because I was a Muzart customer I believed so much in the brand and concept that I decided to make it my own!"

                                                                                           - Bianca Fernandez

                                                                                          Owner/Executive Director

About Us

Muzart opens the door to a world of music, art and physical education for the entire family.

Our focus is to thread the Visual and Performing Arts into everything we do.  We specialize in Classes, Programs, Workshops and Events that revolve around these creative outlets. Music, Art, Cooking, Drama, Piano, Guitar,Voice, Themed Day Camps when Schools are Closed,  Seasonal Camps During School Breaks, Date Nites, Wine and Paint Parties for Adults, Outrageous One of a Kind Party Packages and more!  Now you and your family will be part if it and we couldn't be happier.